Driving license
Production of a valid license for driving in the Greek territory and the E.U., issued at least 1 year prior to the
rental’s starting date, is required. Citizens of countries outside the E.U. are required to be in possession of a
driver’s license valid both in Greece and in the European Union, or otherwise holders of an international
driver’s license.

Driver’s age
Minimum age 23 years old – maximum age 75 years old

Lost keys:
If you lose your car keys, you must notify us immediately so that we can provide you with a spare. The cost of
replacing the key is borne solely by the renter and is not covered by any insurance.

Fines and Violations
Administrative Penalties resulting from traffic violations committed during the rental period of the car are borne
entirely by the renter and the company must be informed. If the fine is discovered after the end of the tenancy,
the breach will be charged to the tenant

Reservation Cancellations
Free cancellation of the reservation seven (7) days before the scheduled start date and time of the vehicle
rental, (always according to the exact time of reservation), as it was carried out in the company's reservation
system, any amount paid in advance will be refunded. In the event that the payment of the respective amount
has been made by card (credit or debit), the refund of the respective amount may take up to 14 days
depending on the cooperating bank of the card you used during your reservation.
In the event of a cancellation notice received by our company less than seven (7) days before the scheduled
start of the vehicle rental, there will be a charge of one rental day. If you wish to cancel a reservation, you
should contact our company in time.

Our prices include unlimited kilometers.

Road Assistance
Our cars are covered by 24hours road assistance. Road assistance’s contact details are stated on the rental
contract. If it is deemed necessary to replace a vehicle, it will be replaced with another within 24 hours. Our
company has the right to investigate the causes of the accident / damage and refuse to replace the car if the
use of the car was contrary to the terms and conditions of the contract.

The renter has to return the car with the same quantity of fuel it had when collected. In case the car is
returned with a quantity of fuel less than the original ,the customer shall be charged with the fuel difference.
No customer refund is provided in case of the car returned with a quantity of fuel greater than that collected.

All prices include VAT.

Rental period
Minimum rental period 24 hours.

Additional guide
The 2nd driver is free, while for each additional driver, there is a daily fee of €5

Child seats
They are available free of charge, by reservation only
We inform you that it is always your responsibility to install the child seat in the car

Navigator – GPS
They are available only after reservation and for a fee of €4 per day.
Geographical restrictions.
The traffic of the vehicle is only for the island of Crete.

Our vehicles are insured for:
• Bodily injuries, death of third parties and passengers (excluding the driver)
• Material damage to third parties
• Total theft
• Fire
• Crystal breakage

Instructions in case of an accident
• Contact the police immediately.
• If there is an injury, notify the police and contact first aid immediately.
• Contact roadside assistance to record the incident. Phone numbers are listed at the top of the rental
agreement and can be used 24 hours a day, even on weekends.
• Stay at the scene of the accident and do not admit responsibility or blame until the police or someone from
us arrives.
• Contact the car rental company. Phone numbers are listed at the top of the rental agreement and can be
used 24 hours a day, even on weekends.
• Record the names and details of the parties involved and witnesses.

Terms of use
• The lessee-driver is obliged to show the diligence of the average prudent person and driver in terms of the
use of the car, to keep it in good condition, to check its mechanical condition, oil and water levels, tires and
all its mechanical parts so as to inform the Landlord without culpable delay of any need for repairs. Any
repair-mechanical intervention on the vehicle by the Lessee, the added driver or another (third party) is
prohibited without the prior approval of the Lessor.
• The passage of the car in the area of ​​Balos is expressly prohibited. You can visit the beach by boat that
departs daily from the port of Kissamos.
In addition, the car is prohibited:
• To be loaded on a train or ship or other means of transport and driven outside the recognized and paved
road network (off-road) without the written consent of the Lessor.
• To be used to transport persons or things for a fee
• To be used for pushing or towing cars, two-wheelers and vehicles in general, boats or other objects
• To participate in or follow speed races, endurance tests and maximum speed tests, etc
• To be driven by a driver who is under the influence of alcohol, drugs and any type of addictive substance,
barbiturate or any other substance that affects the driver's ability to drive and senses
• To be sublet to third parties
• To be used for a purpose and in a manner contrary to Greek and European legislation and especially to the
provisions of the Code of Civil Procedure
• To be used as a means to carry out criminal acts (indicative smuggling, human trafficking, movement of
illegal immigrants, transport of narcotics, etc.)
• To be used by any third party, other than the Hirer and any additional driver
• To be used for the transport of heavy luggage, flammable materials, polluting or smelly objects and any kind
of prohibited materials, capable of causing danger to the vehicle, public health, road safety, the driver or
third parties